Escalante Village Is Currently Accepting Applications

If you are interested in living at Escalante Village...




  • $500 application fee is required and non-refundable after June 1, 2019

  • Guarantees $500/month space rent at Escalante Village to park tiny home, tiny home rental rates will be in addition to the monthly space rent

  • First come, first serve basis- priority given to early applicants

  • Well before announcing the opening date to move in, applicants will be notified to confirm, accept or pass on offer for available space


Colorado is a mecca for Tiny home Resources


Within the state of Colorado there are industry-leading tiny home manufacturers and dwellers who are blazing the way for the tiny home revolution. We have met many friends along the way to help you build your dream tiny home, find answers to your finance questions and insure your home. 


Colorado-based Tiny home Manufacturers

If you are looking to design the tiny home of your dreams, contact one of these fully-certified, Colorado-based builders today.

Colorado Springs, CO.

Durango-Based, Fully Custom

NElson Builders
Durango-Based, Fully Custom

Eck Architecture
Colorado-based, custom

Rocky Mountain Cabin Homes
Colorado-based, custom Park Homes, contact April Drake: 469.360.6160


Financing & Insuring Tiny Homes 


For those seeking tiny home ownership, Escalante Village recommends reaching out to First National Bank, Vectra Bank- South Branch and the Durango Homes Fund to talk about their newly-developed tiny home packages. Note that we do require valid tiny home insurance to park in our community. We have found to be a helpful resource.


First National Bank

Local bank has a new finance package just for tiny homes, contact them today


The HomesFund now offers financing for manufactured homes, check it out and contact them today to learn more : 


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 


When Will Escalante Village open? 

  • Our goal is to be at full occupancy by late Summer or 2019, but our opening date will depend on the how quickly we progress through the City of Durango's planning process and dependent on winter weather during development phase.

How Many Tiny homes will reside at Escalante Village? 

  • We currently are planning on 24 Tiny Home Spaces. 6 of those will be rentals 

Will those spaces be leased or owned? 

  • Simply put, you own your tiny home and rent the land in Escalante Village.

Are utilities included in my space rent?  

  • In addition to the monthly space rent, tenants will be responsible for their utilities and services. See community for what will be available. Remember, you are living in a tiny home, utilities will most likely be less than a conventional home.

Will Escalante Village have on-site storage? 

  • Yes, there will be on-site storage for an additional monthly cost. Sizes/Prices for two optinos are: 8 x 8 = $80.00/month; 8 x 10 = $100/month.

How much does it cost to rent a space at Escalante Village?

  • Our goal is to offer an affordable option to live in a high-quality place. Those who enroll in the reservation application early, before opening day of Escalante Village in 2019, will be guaranteed a $500/month rate for a space to park their tiny home at Escalante Village.

Does Escalante Village sell tiny homes? 

  • No, please reference our resource page to learn more about Colorado-based tiny home manufacturers.

Does Escalante Village rent tiny homes? 

  • Yes, we will have six tiny homes available for long-term rentals.

I currently live in a tiny home, can I move into Escalante Village? 

  • Yes! Your tiny home must be approved by the City of Durango Building Department and will also require an architectural design approval by the development.

I own a tiny home. If I park it at Escalante Village, can I rent it out? 

  • In an effort to develop a community-based village, we are encouraging our residents to be owners. There will be no rentals or VRBOs.

What distinguishes a tiny home from a modular home, mobile home or RV? 

  • Tiny homes have the appearance of a real home. Due to their creative designs, they can be customized from the ground up and exude individuality unlike RVs or mobile homes that are mass-produced to look the same.   

Will I be able to choose the space on which I place my tiny home? 

  • The space location is dependent on how your tiny home is designed and whether it has a front or side door. Escalante Village will work with you to decide which location will best fit your tiny home. It will be a first-come, first-serve, contingent on when your application and deposit were received.

I want to live there! How do I apply for a space? 

  • Reservation applications are now available HERE. Sign up for our mailing list for updates here HERE.



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