Mountain Town Tiny Living


Tiny home living has become more and more popular, providing solutions for affordable housing and leading a minimalistic lifestyle, however, downsizing to a house on wheels still requires a place to call home. Come live the simple life, park at Escalante Village and you'll never want to leave.  


Infastructure, Proximity & Amenities

Our riverfront property is located along the Animas River near the Purples Cliffs just North of Escalante Middle School. The community will lease up to 22 tiny home spaces; 6 of the spaces will be home to 6 tiny home rentals ( see more info below) and remaining will be open to individually owned tiny homes. Each space is 20 feet wide x 40 feet deep (the average tiny home is 8 feet wide x 26 feet deep) to accommodate the tiny home, two parked cars and room for a patio.

Utilities & Services Available

  • Water

  • Sewer

  • Solar

  • Electric

  • Trash

  • Recycle

  • Internet

  • Self-Storage


Location, Location, Location

  • Shopping & Dining: several retail establishments within walking distance

  • Medical: located between Mercy and Rivergate Hospitals

  • Recreation: Across the street from Big Canyon and Sale Barn, which feed into larger trail network

  • River Trail Access: 15 minute bike ride to downtown

Community-Perks & benefits

  • Bike Racks

  • Landscaping (including two garden beds per space)

  • Community Garden

  • Recreational area

  • Parking

  • Snow Removal


Screen Shot 2018-04-24 at 1.02.59 PM.png

Living in your Own Tiny Home @ Escalante Village

Escalante Village will have 16 spaces available to lease for those who own their own tiny homes and are interested in living in our tiny home community. Monthly space lease rates are $500/month. We still have spaces available!  

Storage @ Escalante Village

Tiny homes = downsizing, but living in Durango = lots of gear. Therefore, Escalante Village will have additional storage units available to rent on-site with easy, secure access. Sizes/Price Options: 8 x 8 = $80.00/month;  8 x 10 = $100/month.

Tiny Home RENTALS @ Escalante Village

Escalante Village will be home to six tiny homes that will be rented out on a monthly basis ( see below for rates), in addition to the space lease. Currently the Farallon, Elm, Indigo and Solaire are available to rent.  


Elm- (Rented.)

- 286 sq. ft

- Length: 26' | Width: 8' 6" | Height: 13' 4"

- Shiplap interior with walnut floors

- Front porch


Cypress (Rented.)

- 291 sq. ft

- Length: 26' | Width: 8' 6" | Height: 13' 4"

- Beetle Kill Pine Interior

- Bathtub


Indigo- Available to Rent

- 400 sq. ft

- Length: 28' | Width: 8' 6" |

- SIPS construction


Sweetgrass (Rented.)

- 400 sq. ft

- Length: 28' | Width: 8' 6" |

- SIPS construction


Farallon- (Rented.)

- 400 sq. ft

- Length: 26' | Width: 8' 6" | Height: 13' 4"

- Double Loft, Downstairs bedroom


Solaire - Available To Rent

- 381 sq. ft

- Length: 28' | Width: 10' |

- SIPS construction

Becoming a Tiny Home Dweller at Escalante Village

Whether you are interested in purchasing or renting a tiny home, or currently own a tiny home and looking for a more permanent, reliable place to park and live, we want to be your neighbor! Our goal is to be fully developed and at capacity in 2019. Sign up for updates on model home and site tours, applications, opening dates and more! 


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